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Seafood business development

Fiskeriforum Vest currently has an active and leading role in the design and implementation of the measures in the regional plans. It is working in close cooperation with the region’s development sectors, branches and the region’s leading centres of expertise. For Bergen Municipality and Hordaland County Council, Fiskeriforum Vest is a network organization, a policy organ and an important tool for realizing the objectives set out in the regional strategy and action plans.

Promotion of the Marine Cluster

One of the objectives for the region is to enhance the visibility and profile of the region’s marine industry and expertise and esigarett awareness. Fiskeriforum Vest has a number of activities in collaboration with (amongst others) Business Region Bergen, Western cooperation for the marine sector (VestMarin), the Norwegian Seafood Centre and the County Governor of Hordaland, to promote and publicize the region’s leading marine expertise and products.

Enhancing Research and Development

In the regional business plans, the aim is to create a knowledge based economy. The seafood industry is undergoing a “knowledge change” from resource-based industrial manufacturing to more knowledge-based activities. The strengthening of Hordaland and the Western Norwegian Region as a leading research and education center is important to further develop the seafood industry. “Møteplas Marin” and “Sjømatkonferansen” are important arenas for interaction where researchers, students and businesses can have a forum to exchange experiences and gain insight into the FoU’s activities in the region. Fiskeriforum Vest currently has a close relationship with the Norwegian Seafood Centre and Training Office for Fishery based subjects in Hordaland. Together the organizations have considerable expertise mobilization in the region. In 2013, the strengthening of innovation collaboration in the cluster will be an important work of the Organization.

Collaboration and information

One of the Organization’s main tasks is to ensure a positive dialogue and interaction both within and between the cluster, and in key policy environments and knowledge networks, both nationally and internationally. Fiskeriforum Vest currently has a national and Nordic network and a close dialogue between regional and national governments, and funding agencies. On behalf of the City of Bergen Fiskeriforum Vest is engaged in the national bio-marine city association “StorbyMarin”. The association aims to strengthen the national cooperation between Norway’s leading bio-marine cities, and has been a driving force in the organization of “Hav 21”.

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Western Norway – a global seafood cluster

The seafood industry in the western part of Norway is of global proportion and size: its seafood cluster has a total turnover of over NOK 80 billion (US $ 14 billion) and is equivalent to approximately 60% of Norway’s marine and seafood wealth creation. The region has 4’068 seafood companies, and is the headquarters for several of the world’s largest Salmon farming companies and home to Norway’s largest pelagic fishing fleet. Bergen Marine Research Cluster is Europe’s largest centre of marin science and education.Fiskeriforum Vest’s aim is to contribute to cooperation and growth in western Norway and to strengthen the collaboration between the clusters various actors.